Ben George II __ Founder and Co-Owner

Founder/ Co-Owner

Benjamin George II

   Benjamin started Heartwood after living in Japan and being inspired by the Japanese aesthetic, architecture, and the process by which one became a master craftsman. 

   Having studied Jazz Saxophone in college, he was always raised around carpentry and architecture, so it was a 'natural transition' from the music world into owning and operating a wood shop. 

   His free days off generally include working, or lying around thinking that he should be working instead. 

Devon Wilson


   Devon grew up in Central, TX. His passion for woodworking started in his mid-teens, starting with his grandfathers antique tool collection. He is inspired by nature, and natural elements are the cornerstone of his work. 

    His hobbies include gardening, exotic plant culture and tinkering with his '86 Toyota pickup. 

   His favorite quote is is: "A joke is a very serious thing."  -Winston Churchill

Devon Wilson __ Co Owner


Lead Shop Dog and Moral Support

   Layla hails from the city of Luling, TX, and comes from a long line of loving, nurturing pitbulls. She enjoys hecks about 4 times a day and sits like a human sometimes. 

   When she isn't busy making sure the shop is protected, she is probably sleeping in her dog loft. Hence why she is so beautiful. 

Learn more about fostering or adopting pets here: https://www.austinpetsalive.org/adopt